VCT LOCK IN — São Paulo

As the biggest Valorant E-sports live tournament of all time, "Lock In" features the 30 best teams in the world from three international leagues. All battling it out at the 11,000-seat arena "Ginásio do Ibirapuera" in São Paulo.

The campaign took cues from the game's Brazilian character "Raze" and from the city of São Paulo itself. Wildly playful, vibrant, explosions of color. 

Look Development

Look Dev — Player Rooms

Look Dev — Graphics

VCT São Paulo

Studio: Massive Assembly

Creative Direction: Jason Yeh, Eugene Seo
Design: Champ Panupong Techawongthawon, Caique Oliveira, Eduardo Soldatti
Edit: Caique Oliveira
Motion Animation: Champ Panupong Techawongthawon, Caique Oliveira
Cel Animation: Brikk Studio
3D: Georg Fasswald, Ronaldo Amador, Neil Hilken, Yuee Seo, Slava Leschenko, Haram Jung, Maksym Vysokolov
NMBRS 3D: Jamie Wandroph, Egor Gavrilov, Zhi Lu, Razvan Ciobanu, Kok Hoo, Marco Iacopetti, Ekaterina Korchagina
NMBRS Creative Producing: Victor Hedström, Tiyam Khaabbaz
Storyboards/2D Character Design: Vince Wei
Concept Design: Jannes Ennen
Sound Design & Mixing: Mike Leone

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